If one picture tells a thousand words

How about 24 a second! Film/video makes explanation easy!

700 centenboek in Centre Pompidou

The Center Pompidou in Paris showed the acquired original collages of the '700 centenboek' by Jos Houweling  from February 27th to April 29th 2019.

A report of the opening on February 26th 2019.

Guten Rutsch!

New Year's wish from a time when civility was still normal.

How I Celebrated Jos's Birthday

No birthday without coffee and cake. Jos wasn't there.

Kunst per meter

Openingsspeech by Jos Houweling for his awarding of the Arti medaille

and his exhibition in Arti et Amicitiae

Canceled (Afgelast)

One Minute video for the exhibition 'Orange Down. Closed'. An exhibition in Arti, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), which can not be viewed in solidarity with the absence of the Dutch Team in the European Championships 2016.

Advice Amsterdam Art Counsel

Presentation advice of the Amsterdam Art Counsel for the preparation of the Plan for the Arts 2017-2020.


Teaser for the theatre production "Juliana"


Premiere of the theatre production "Juliana" in the company of Prinses Beatrix

Former Air Force Base Soesterberg

Changes for a former Air Force Base in the Netherlands


Facts you didn't know!

James Gordon Bennett

The office of the New York Herald in Paris

James Gordon Bennett

In search of his grave in Paris

James Gordon Bennett

Herald Square

James Gordon Bennett

More about the James Gordon Bennett monument on Herald Square

WeaaH Live

A Funky compilation of the music of WeaaH.

WeaaH Live

WeaaH Live at Pacific Parc playing Oomkakadaoomoowee!

'ONS Journaal'

A presentation of the project Investigating journalist in a classroom

Current project 'Forged in the Trenches'